Sunday, November 30, 2008

So smart.

I know - every parent thinks that their kids are the smartest kids in the world. I just love watching my girls learn and grow. My heart wants to explode when they say new words or display new crazy activities.

Allie was flipping through a People magazine earlier today. (Yeah, I know - we start 'em young around here.) She came across an ad for a car, looked at me and Rich and said, "car." Later, she was rifling through a pile of alphabet blocks (the clear plastic ones from FP that have some item in them that matches the letter.) I was lounging on the couch cushions and asked her to bring me the one with the zebra in it. It was a test. She searched around the floor then walked over and handed me the Z block with the zebra in it.

I THINK Anna is trying to tell me that she wants something to eat with sign language. She will sign "more" and then "table." We are still trying to figure that one out. She was looking at a book yesterday with ducks in it. I told her to count the ducks. She pointed to a duck and said, "duck, duck, duck." Rich was commenting tonight on Anna's method of flipping through the American Girl magazine. It's very cute to watch. She sits and carefully turns each page and looks at each doll.

Em has become very good at repeating words. Rich taught her how to say "knock knock" this morning. We were watching the Baby Einstein counting DVD this afternoon and it sounded like Em was trying to count "onetwothree." As we were putting the girls to bed tonight, Rich explained to them that they are almost 20 months old and four months after that is their birthday. Rich asked Em if she knew how old she was going to be and she yelled, "THREE." Not the right number but she understands.

I was looking through some old pictures from last year and came across this one from about a year ago. I just showed it to Rich and he remembered it being a big deal that they could all "turtle" together. I can't believe how much they've grown. It does go by fast. Too fast.

Anna, Emily and Allie

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