Thursday, November 6, 2008


I never know what I'm going to find when I check in on the girls after they fall asleep.

Here's what I found last week.

Emily with the fish chewie...

Allie with her binkies...

And no, I did not place it there for the purposes of taking a funny picture.

Here's a cute one of Em with Little Lion:

We have another saying in our house - Don't mess around with Anna while she's sleeping.

One night last week, I was having trouble falling asleep. I decided to make one last trip to the bathroom and check in on the girls to see who had been moving around. I opened their door and peered into their room. As I was trying to get one last peek at Em, Anna turtled (aka lifting her head while lying on tummy.) I stepped back and shut the door but she had seen me.

I then had to listen to her cry it out for a few minutes while I tried to convince Rich that I hadn't done anything. All this just because I wanted to look in on them.

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Twins' proud godmother said...

they are juste soute when they are sleeping !! And the silence is juste wonderful!! Until that one of them wakes up.. lol