Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mommy's Here - The Fuzzy Bear Series

Grammy brought the girls some new books a few weeks ago. I call them The Fuzzy Bear Series. As with all books in our house, they have been gnawed on and bent up. Already. I suppose it's a sign of love. (Another blog post regarding the girls, books and decapitated animals is in the works but I'll save that for later.)

Anyway, in the book where Fuzzy Bear goes to school, the last page announces, "Mommy's here," to indicate that Fuzzy Bear's mommy has arrived to fetch him from school. I've been told by Grammy that Emily doesn't quite understand that it is Fuzzy Bear's mommy not HER mommy. Grammy and Aunt Molly have stopped reading that line because if they do, Em runs to the gate and looks for me.

I was reading it to her this weekend and after that line, she turned and gave me a puzzled look. I'm sure if she had more words she would have said, "But Mommy, you are already here!"

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