Friday, October 3, 2008

Supercute Dirtylaundryonhead Photos

Allie was in a great mood last night. Very playful. I took these pictures before Rich and I left for our yummy Cheesecake Factory anniversary dinner.

Here's Allie wearing her pants on her head.

And yes, she is wearing Halloween socks with her diaper.

Em joined in with her onesie on her head.

Anna watched from Grammy's lap. It was almost bedtime and I think she was tired out. When we returned home after dinner, Grammy told us that they had all fallen asleep within 15 minutes with no crying or fussing.


Sugar Mommy said...

Too Cute!
Happy Anniversary!

Cassie said...

This is too funny! My boys do the exact same thing! They love to run in circles with thier pants on their head..and if one does it, they ALL have to do it! We played this game just today...I didnt get any pics....but what are the odds??

Happy Anniversary! We took the boys to The Cheesecake Factory last weekend..It is a SMALL world!!!