Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm a big girl now.

The must have items from today's shopping trip were new sleep-sacks. The girls have been wearing some sleeveless size medium ones that I purchased over a year ago or Carter's size 0-9 months. We picked up some new ones by Halo in size 12-18 months.

Old sleep-sack meet new sleep-sack.

Can you believe the difference in size? The sad part is that the girls STILL fit into the smaller ones although they are stuffed in there.

I thought this picture was cute because you can see Emily trying to sneak in there.

Emily was NOT happy with her new sleep-sack at bedtime. They wore their new cold-weather jackets today and she didn't like the collar. I THINK she thought that the sleep-sack had a collar as well. She kept grabbing at the front of it.

When I checked on the girls after they fell asleep tonight, they looked SO much more comfortable. Sorry babies. I should have replaced those MONTHS ago.

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Pam said...

hee hee, i stuffed the boys in some of those carters sleep sacks the other night, not realizing just how much they'd outgrown them. the good thing is, they can't stand up in their cribs (and therefore drop their pacifier on the floor and therefore scream for us to come get them) with those on, unlike the larger halo ones. ah well. :)