Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Update

The girls had their flu shots today. Their 18 month well baby appointment is in a few weeks and they are scheduled to receive two more vaccinations at that appointment. I wanted to limit the "shots" to two maximum so their pediatrician agreed to give them the flu shot early.

I was going to take the morning off from work to bring the girls to their appointment with Grammy's help but because of the train schedule (the bane of my existence), I wouldn't be sitting in my lovely cubicle until 1:30 in the afternoon. So Grammy and Aunt Molly brought the girls, which was a huge help.

Those girls are smart chickies. Grammy tells me that once in the examination room, they started screaming as soon as the doctor made his appearance. They knew.

And I didn't think that Anna was EVER going to fall asleep tonight. She kept turning on her aquarium , which is set to play the longest song. I last heard her at 8:20 when she sneezed. We left their room at 7:20 at which point Anna smiled and waved bye-bye to me. Crazy baby.

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