Saturday, August 23, 2008

So Smart

We've concluded that Allie and Emily can tell each other and Anna apart. Does that sentence makes sense? This decision was reached after weeks of testing. Allie, bring that sippie to Em. Em, give that book to Anna. Allie, Daddy wants that toy. They are at the phase of sharing and giving items to others. Testing is easy.

We are undecided with Anna. I did ask her today to give a book to Em and I saw her looking back and forth between Allie and Em. She's not as steady and quick on her feet so it's harder for her to get around. There have been other tests where she just ignored me. I wonder if it's easier for Allie and Em to single out Anna because her head is shaped a little differently. Testing will contine.

And Allie was feeding herself today at lunch with a spoon! Now, I say that but it was really primitive and basic. She was holding a learning spoon and I showed her how to place a pea on it with my hands. So she copied by picking up a pea, putting it on the spoon and then eating the pea off the spoon. Em attempted to copy but didn't quite get there. She was using a smaller spoon though. It's a start!

And we've learned that giving the girls books in their cribs at night helps with them going down without screaming. Or it could just be the fact that they napped for a half hour today before Anna flipped out and woke up the neighborhood.

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