Friday, August 8, 2008

Bedtime Buddies

It amazes me that the girls have such different personalities. This extends to their sleeping habits as well. I say this because they are SO alike in some respects that it is frightening. They ARE identical, you know.

The girls each have different favorite bedtime buddies. We have three of these caterpillars. Anna always has at least one in her crib. It's her lovie. I even let her take one into the tub tonight in order to avoid a meltdown.

Em's bedtime buddy is this little lion. Here she is the other morning with Grammy. The little lion has a loop on his back and this is how Em holds him. I've tried leaving the little lion AND a caterpillar with her at night thinking that if one gets knocked out during the night, she'll have at least one buddy to play with in the morning. Nope. Em is a caterpillar-hater. He ends up on the floor. And then I put him in Anna's crib for some love.

And Allie? Allie takes after me and loves to sleep.

Allie sleeps with binkies. Usually three. One for her mouth and one for each hand. We originally placed multiple binkies in her crib hoping that at least one would survive the night IN the crib. Not always the case. Allie was up crying at 6:00 this morning. Allie NEVER cries at night or in the morning. I found her standing up looking at her two binkies in the floor.

Amazingly, all three girls fell back asleep until 7:30.

When will they sleep until 8:00? When will I sleep until 8:00?

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