Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Sixth Sense?

Rich and I believe that the girls have a sixth sense - the ability to see us when they are asleep. It actually reached the point back in December where I changed the lyrics to a Christmas song:

Anna Claus

She sees you when she's sleeping
She knows when you're awake....

It's inevitable that I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason. I like to sneak into the girls' room and check on them. Emily's middle of the night fits used to occur after this check-in. I would have to convince Rich that I didn't do anything to awaken her.

Lately, we've been feeling that we've turned a corner with the girls and their sleeping. We could notice a difference with them sleeping through the night and staying quietly in their cribs in the morning. We had made it three weeks without me having to go comfort Emily in the middle of the night. I was really starting to believe that Em understood that I had to work and that we both needed to sleep at night. And then there was last night.

Rich checked on the girls right before 10:00. We were both exhausted and more than ready for sleep. We got into bed and talked for a minute. I realized that I hadn't checked on the girls before I crawled into bed but seeing that I already been in there a few times that night and Rich had just been in there, I asked Rich if they seemed to be okay. Not 2 minutes later Emily starts crying. It starts off soft and quickly escalates.

I think that maybe she's had a bad dream and go in to check on her. She seems to fall back asleep with me sitting next her Pack-n-Play. I sneak out and she starts crying again. We give her a few minutes to see if she can work it out on her own. No can do so Rich goes in there. Em's not happy with this at all and keeps crying and whimpering. I take over after Rich pulls her out of the room.

Long story short - I end up "sleeping" on the floor next to her from 11:00 to midnight. The poor baby had her head pressed against the side of the Pack-n-Play trying to get as close to me as possible.

She's been very clingy today and it looks like she has a tooth breaking through. I'm hoping it's just her tooth and not some sudden attachment issue. I already feel guilty enough having to leave them five days a week. If they keep showing physical signs of attachment issues, I'm going to have some serious issues.

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