Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Room Setup

Last week, we finally received information from Jardine regarding the recalled cribs. We needed to send crib parts back to them and THEN they will send us vouchers so that we can obtain new cribs. The crib parts included mattress supports. The idea being that you can no longer use the crib without some of the mattress supports. As we have three cribs, we could have set up one crib using parts from another crib but we decided that those cribs are finished.

Of course Jardine was kind enough to send us a paper (tearable) envelope in order to mail back parts for three cribs. When Rich spoke to a representative prior to receiving information in the mail, he was told that the crib parts for all three cribs would fit into the one envelope. I don't know what planet she is living on. Oh yes, I do. Cheapo Depo.

The girls are now sleeping in two Pack-n-Plays and a portable crib, which we have affectionately renamed The NICU Crib. It DOES resemble the crib that Anna slept in while she was in the NICU.

I think the girls like the new sleeping arrangements. I know I do. I am no longer awakened with a BANG everytime they roll into the crib sides.

I've already given up hope of finding cherry cribs. Do you see the changing table in the back of the room? That's going to have to be painted. The next challenge will be to find three matching cribs (preferably white) in stock.

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