Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bottle Bungees

It has been difficult for one person to feed the girls their meals because they drop their bottles over the sides of the highchairs. They don't throw them. They just drop them. Three babies, three bottles, one adult, two hands. I don't think that they do it on purpose. It actually looks like they want to put the bottles down so they just let go of them.

We ordered these bottle bungees online and they arrived just in time as Grammy is now feeding the girls a lot of their meals on her own.

Grammy tells me that they haven't really dropped their bottles at all now that the bungees are on them.

It appears that they like to hold onto the cloth bungee that is on the bottle while they drink. We had suspected that their hands were getting cold holding the actual bottle itself. We pre-fill the bottles with milk and leave them in the fridge so they are really cold.

Hopefully, the bottle dropping situation has been resolved for good.

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