Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Allie and Em are walking better and better each day. It's funny because their little personalities were very apparent in their approach to walking. Allie, being the oldest, took the conservative route - she didn't want any help and walked baby step by baby step with her arms out for balance. Em, being the youngest, started "walking" by actually running and crashing into me.

They both can make it the length of the family room now without plopping down.

Here's Allie

And Emily

We can't forget about Anna. She can walk if you hold her hands and using the push toy. Unfortunately, we can't leave the push toy in the family room because the girls will push each over to play with it. Even though Allie and Em don't need it to walk, they think it's fun and will run someone over in order to use it.

Here's a picture of Anna walking with the push toy. You can see how happy she is.

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