Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stroller Attention

So a mom posted on my favorite triplet forum that they found a great way to avoid the usual triplet comments in public. Use two strollers - a double and a single. I disagree.

We've always used a double and a single for any and all outings except for walks. We only have one triple stroller. It's the jogging stroller and very difficult to fold down to fit in the van so we don't take it anywhere. Nevermind the fact that it is so wide it probably wouldn't fit down most aisles.

We get comments ALL the time even using two strollers. Rich and I decided to experiment at the grocery store this morning. We wanted to see how many comments we would get. Allie and Anna rode in the double stroller and Em sat in the shopping cart.

Here are the girls waiting to be loaded into the van:

The comments started as we were getting them out of the van. Two women drove by and I saw one of them mouth in slow motion, "OH MY GOD!" I stopped counting after ten comments in the store. My point was made.

Oh, I should add that there is another triplet mom who would say that I dressed them alike for the attention. Actually, no. Do you know how easy it is to grab three pairs of jeans and three onesies from their closet? Most of the clothes that they have now are matching so it takes me longer to try to find non-matching outfits and I really don't have time for that.

Does someone really think that I would have to dress them alike for attention??


Pam said...

ack, they look so cute in their baby jeans!

today we went out in a single and double (also preferred mode of transport, though i do love our triple) and didn't get TOO much attention. of course, it's all relative. it's funny, when the double goes first, you get "twins!" and then the single goes by and "triplets!?! god bless you!" :D (but if you do single, then double, not as much attention is paid, i guess because they don't notice that the single belongs with the double.)

the schirano triplets said...

we definitely get just as much attention with the double and the single!

Bloggerman1984 said...

I am just a mom of one girl but we get comments all the time too. I just found your blog through Dear Baby blog and started going through your archives. IDK if your position has changed over time as i barely started reading but it seems that people are just excited to see so much cuteness all together. They are from what i can tell complimentary and usually meant to be supportive and said in recognition of your hard work, effort and energy expended in raising three small children.