Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pre Terrible Twos?

It appears that the girls are entering a new phase. The best way to describe it is pre terrible twos. Rich says that they are coming of age. They are coming of age, all right.

It started with Allie having an actual temper tantrum, which included screaming, a red face and clenching her fists so tight that her arms were shaking. This was all because Anna was in her way. I thought it was an isolated incident. No such luck. A few days later, she decides she's finished with her meal and wants out of her highchair. So what she does do? Temper tantrum.

Emily's new trick is self-inflicted vomiting. For attention. All three of them find it entertaining to stick a finger or two in their mouths until they gag. The result is that we tell them NO and swipe their hand away. They usually give you this cute little baby smile. Sometimes we just let them do it without showing any reaction hoping they will stop.

Emily made herself puke the other morning all because I was sitting in the kitchen trying to inhale my breakfast and she wanted out of the gated family room. Puking and then trying to play with it did the trick. I couldn't get in the family room fast enough with the puke in the way so I pulled her out, took her dress off and tried to clean it up before Anna could sit in it. She was having a grand old time wandering around the downstairs. I put her back in the family room and her fingers went into her mouth again. She made herself puke while we were shopping in Target yesterday. Maybe she was bored. Anna decided that it looked like fun and puked as well. Although it wasn't nearly as disgusting as Emily's.

Anna throws little tantrums here and there. You'll see her laying in the floor whining and kicking her legs for absolutely no reason. We always tell her that there is no need for it BUT it does the trick. It gets our attention.

Life with the triplets is getting, errr, interesting...

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