Saturday, June 28, 2008


We are often asked if the girls have different personalities. Yes, they do. VERY different personalities.

Allie is the oldest and the leader. She has been the first to reach every milestone. She can be quite bossy at times and insists on taking away toys from her sisters on a regular basis. She weighed the most at birth and has always weighed a little more than her sisters with each check-up. I think Allie is also the best eater of the three. She transitioned to regular food with the least amount of problems.

Anna is our middle child. She's very inquisitive and will study everything and everyone. The receptionist at her last Neurology appointment commented that Anna knew exactly who came and went and what they did in the waiting room. She's the least fussy out of the three but when she starts crying, you better watch out. It takes awhile to calm her down. She sometimes falls into the "middle child syndrome" and whines or has a mini-tantrum just for attention.

Emily is the classic baby. She has a twinkle in her eye and is very playful. I think she has a great imagination. I've seen her sit and play with toys for a good amount of time. She started off as a picky eater - she held graham crackers for a week before she would try to take a bite and we had to place cheese on her tray for a month before she would actually eat it. She's always giving her sisters "loves."

It will be interesting to see how their personalities continue to grow and change as they get older.

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