Monday, June 30, 2008

More on the cribs

So it has been exactly six days since I completed my contact information online in order to receive information on how to obtain my vouchers in order to get the girls' their new safe cribs. You know where this is going, right? Oh yes, the girls are still sleeping in the Stop Using Immediately cribs. This manufacturer, Jardine, is obviously so concerned with the safety of my babies.

I just checked their special recall website and they have already changed their instructions on what to do if you have multiple cribs. How nice of them to let me know considering I already completed the required information and I DID provide them with my email address six days ago. There is also information on how to obtain the vouchers. The surprise is over. We will need to mail back parts of the crib to them, which means the girls will NOT be sleeping in the cribs any longer, and then we will have to wait ANOTHER ONE TO TWO WEEKS to receive our vouchers.

Rich is going to have to call these people tomorrow seeing that he will be home and I will be at work.

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