Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Real Shoes

I finally gave in and bought the girls real walking shoes. At Stride Rite. For a grand total of $80.

Of course, I've seen other triplet moms say that their local Stride Rite offers a multiples discount. Does the one near us? Nope. What about the outlet Stride Rite? They claim to be an outlet and offer discounted prices already. Let's say that I found their "discounted" prices to be a rip-off.

Allie and Em have been walking consistently in the house and we wanted them to have shoes to wear outside. They don't seem to like the dead grass under their bare feet.

As it turns out, they have very small feet for walkers which is why I was having trouble finding shoes for them at Target. I do admit that I would rather have them in sturdy comfortable shoes even if I have to pay three times more for it.

So today was the girls' first walk in the yard and driveway. How did it go?

That's Em frozen on the flagstone.

And here's Allie.

Em decides to take a break.

And another break. There was a lot of "break-taking" out there.

Here's Anna hanging out in the Choo Choo.

Allie and Em seem to be getting used to the shoes. They only wear them outside though. I believe that bare feet in the house is best. Anna did stand around for a bit. I tried to help her walk but she seemed more interested in crawling in the driveway. It's a start!

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