Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anna can stand on her own!

It was out of fear but she was standing!

Anna has been able to pull herself up and hold onto objects (couch, etc) for awhile. Less than a week ago, she started testing her balance. If I'm on the floor, she'll stand up using my legs and then let go. She would only be able to stay on her own for a few seconds and then she laughs and falls into me.

Well, yesterday Rich and I had the girls at Target. We were looking at baby shoes for the girls. The whole shoe situation is another post but for now, I'll let you know that we just wanted something that they could wear out in the yard. The girls were getting mad - they didn't like trying on shoes.

Anna's feet look a little bit smaller than the other two girls. I was trying to put a sneaker on her while she was in the stroller. The elastic holding the shoes together snapped and one of the shoes went flying. I took Anna out of the stroller to have her stand so I could check out the fit of the shoe.

With all the usual triplet chaos, I forgot I was holding up Anna, who can't stand on her own. I'm used to putting Allie and Em on their feet when I put them down and they take off running. Without realizing it, I let go of Anna and started blabbing to Rich. All of a sudden, I hear her start to cry and I look down to see her standing on her own as I had left her. Her little body was shaking - she was using all of her strength to stay upright. I think she was afraid of the strange floor and the fact that I have never left her standing.

This afternoon, Rich and I were on the floor playing with the girls. She crawled up to us, stood for awhile and then fell into us laughing. She's getting so close to walking. This is all such a miracle for us.

I should also note that Rich found one of the sneakers in the stroller as he was loading it into the minivan and had to take it back into the store. We didn't buy any shoes...that will be another day.

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