Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Story

Rich and I met while we were both working for the same company, Small Private Financial Institution. I was a tax manager while Rich worked as a general accountant. (And no, we didn't work in the same department.) We started dating during the Fall of 2002 and married two years later in October 2004.

After a seemingly normal pregnancy, our daughter, Abigail, was suddenly and tragically born still in June 2006, six days past her due date. She was a perfectly healthy baby who did not receive enough oxygen that last day. The exact cause of her death will never be known to us.

I was blessed with another pregnancy a few short months after Abigail's death. This second pregnancy was debilitating from day one, leading me to believe that I was pregnant with twins. During a routine ultrasound at 17 weeks, it was discovered that I was pregnant with identical triplets, who all shared one placenta. In addition, Baby B was diagnosed with myelomeningocele, the most severe form of spina bifida, and hydrocephalus, excess fluid in her brain.

I beat the odds to deliver the girls at a scheduled c-section at 35 weeks and 6 days.

Alicenne Hope - 5 pounds, 3 ounces - 18" long
Anna Abigail - 4 pounds, 13 ounces - 17 1/2" long
Emily Blessing - 4 pounds, 13 ounces - 18 1/8" long

Allie and Emily were released from the hospital with me, four days after their birth. Poor Anna underwent three surgeries during her first week of life and spent three weeks in the NICU.

Rich and I consider ourselves extremely lucky to be blessed with such beautiful, joyful girls. If I could have one wish, it would be that Abigail could join us.


Hope's Mama said...

Sarah I've just come back to read this - I never knew the girls full names. They are just beautiful and so perfect.
Still reading along here. Don't always have much to add, but still finding inspiration in your story.

Four Wonders Mommy said...

Wow! Your story is amazing! That you were able to carry the girls so long. That, in itself, was a miracle!

While I do not know what it is like for you, I have been there for the type of delivery you had with Abbey and I hurt so deeply for those families.

You will forever be in my internal prayer list.

Anonymous said...

two of my sisters names are allison and emily! small world. congrats on you beautiful girls!

Amy said...


I was reading Tuesday's Hope and noticed your blog in her blogroll. I immediately recognized it from TC - I'd never clicked over to read from TC because, to be honest, you have triplets and I don't - my daughter Caitlin was still born last year. And while I can still read TC, it is often hard for me to look at other triplet blogs.

I did not know Abigail was still born, and I am so sorry for that. I am glad that I found your blog among the list on Tuesday's Hope. I always try to tell myself not to be jealous of people who seemingly have what I was supposed to - I do not know the troubles they have had before or after the birth of their triplets. Just as I am sure many women struggling with infertility looked at me when I was pregnant and envied me, never knowing that I was carrying a child who had a less than 50% chance of being born alive. Finding you there was a reminder of that.

Java said...

I just spent the better part of an hour reading through your blog and lovingly looking at the gorgeous pictures of your girls! How lucky you are! I am so sorry to read about Abby. I have 4 sons which I am so thankful for and have always wanted a girl but God choose me to be a mom of boys instead! When I need a girl fix I will come by and gaze at those 3 beautiful girls!

I'll be following you for sure!

Holly said...

Your girls are absolutely adorable!

Kelly Jean said...

What an amazing and inspirational story you have. Your girls are beautiful, a blessing indeed. :D

Becky said...

Just recently found your blog and read your story. So sorry to hear about the loss of Abigail. I to recently lost my little guy, he had myelomeningocele like your baby B, and died just after having fetal surgery to correct it.

Your 3 girls are absolutely beautiful!

ChloeElyse said...

Such beautiful names!