Monday, September 5, 2016

{Disney Dining} Let's talk Chef Mickey's

I think Chef Mickey's was the one restaurant I was most interested in experiencing due to the love/hate reviews.  Right off the bat, it started racking up high points with me due to the convenience factor.  Chef Mickey's was a quick elevator ride away from our rooms in the Contemporary.  When we waltzed in, I wasn't skeptical; I was ready to stuff my face.


(Apparently, not everyone was awake.)

We, unfortunately, do not have the keepsake photo of the girls next to the Chef Mickey statue because we thought that you stood in that line after they buzzed you and when I realized our mistake, Rich had already pointed out that it was just a plastic statue and why would you need your photo with it.  Le sigh.


We only had to wait a short time before we were seated at our table and because the characters weren't anywhere near us, the girls and I headed for the buffet.  There was a huge selection of breakfast items and our plates were loaded up by the time we reached the Mickey waffles.  But there's always room for Mickey waffles.  I thought the food was pretty good for a buffet and I have only one complaint.  Being from the North, it's not very often that I see biscuits and gravy.  So when I see them, I eat them.  This buffet had biscuits and gravy which tasted yummy but the gravy wasn't hot.  Now this could be my fault because it was slow moving through the buffet line whilst wrangling three kids and assisting them with their plates and then there were character distractions after we were seated.  I very well may have just waited too long to eat.  Either way, very minor issue.  Otherwise, we all left with very full tummies and autograph books.  




(The photobomb cracks me up.)




Rich is not a "Disney person."  He does it for the sake of the children.  Because of this, I value his opinion, knowing it isn't swayed by a love for all things Disney.  He really liked this restaurant and because we were looking at another dinner at the Contempo Cafe asked if there was any way to make dinner reservations for that night.  I looked but, of course, we would have needed some sort of miracle pixie dust for that to happen.


Breakfast at Chef Mickey's = lots of thumbs up!    


Ali said...

We loved our experience at Chef Mickey's, too! We ate there for brunch on our first day - I was so intrigued with the menu for brunch!!! Seemed to be so much and covered a little bit of everything from breakfast and lunch menus. It did not disappoint! Glad to hear breakfast was much of the same!!

Kate said...

We had dinner there and really liked it, too. Nothing fancy, just plain old American buffet food, but it was good, lots of gluten free options for my husband and of course my three year old loved the characters.

Kylie said...

LOL! Dying at the photobomber.