Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A sampling of Disney custom outfits

I'm so close to finishing these outfits that I can finally (almost) see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Almost.  Currently, four outfits remain unfinished.  But they've all been started (important!) and one only needs an hour or less of my time.  Then I can carry on with life and resume blogging on a regular basis.  This was all my own doing, of course.  The girls love custom outfits but they certainly don't demand them.  I sometimes like to spoil them.

I learned my lesson from the first time Grammy and I did this.  The lesson = Plan specific items for specific days.  The first time around, both Grammy and I sewed and sewed and made a ton of outfits.  At the end, we had too many outfits and the girls had too many choices.  This time around, I created outfits based upon what we plan to do.  The lesson I've learned from this time around is to start EARLY.  Earlier than I think I need to.  So early, the next trip isn't even planned.  Not only did I procrastinate but I really couldn't plan some of the outfits until I had secured dining reservations.  It's not like I didn't have other things to do.    

So here are some outfits that I've photographed.  As you can see, I gave up on photographing the kids wearing the outfits because that was just too much work.  I'll have to take modeling pictures during our trip.

Anna's Sleeping Beauty outfit for Epcot, lunch at Akershus:


I hadn't intended for it to be a maxi dress and held my breath when she tried it on.  She looked in the mirror and said, "Good, it's long.  Just how I wanted it."

Allie's Epcot, lunch at Akershus outfit:


(fabric - Riley Blake, Happy Ever After)

Emily's Epcot, lunch at Akershus outfit:


(fabric - Ann Kelle, Girl Friends)

For a special touch, I added the rose that Belle is holding.


Emily's Frozen outfit


Anna's Tinker Bell outfit.  If you look closely, you'll see that the fairies' wings are the same color blue as the tank top.  That's how Anna matched those up.


(fabric - Ann Kelle, Girl Friends)


Debbie said...

Love, love them. I can just picture those three lovely princesses!

Susanne said...

These are amazing!!

JEN said...

very very impressed

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Those are so cute, can I ask we're you get the patches you sew on? Or do you make those too? Wondering if I can find some boy themed ones to try it out : )

Ashlee said...

Glad you made it past 9/15 hope you're not quite as busy up to 10/15! The girls are going to be the cutest kids at Disney!!

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone!!

Janet - Using my embroidery machine, I've stitched out appliques onto felt to make those patches. So much easier than trying to get the appliques onto the shirts.

Ashlee - We actually file more returns for 10/15 than 9/15 but thankfully a good chunk of them were done earlier - just need to get signed and mailed!

TanyaMom23 said...


We are taking out FIRST ever trip to Disney in just under two weeks... YIKES! I have never been! Rick went as a kid, but I imagine it's changed A LOT! I have faithfully poured over your Disney posts and I am so envious of your sewing talents, my girls (5yo twins) won't be wearing any customs, but we have a few cute Minnie and Princess tops and dresses for them. Jackson (9) is "too old for Disney clothes" but he has a few Phineas and Ferb t-shirts and loves Cars, Planes etc... How do you suggest packing for mid-October? I am told they should be in closed toe shoes and summer clothes with just a light sweatshirt? I planned to pack Ts and Tanks, shorts and leggins, a hoodie for each, a few princess dresses, summer PJs, we ordered 2 cute tinker bell ponchos and a Perry the Platypus Ponchos for the kids. Anything I am missing? I know you are beyond busy, any advise or tips are much appreciated! Oh and BTW, we are staying at Port Orleans.

Sarah said...

TanyaMom23 - How exciting! It will definitely still be really warm down there. You may not need long sleeves for outside but we found the restaurants, especially at the resorts to be chilly from the AC. I would bring comfortable sandals too, if the kids have any. It poured rain for the 1st 4 days of our trip and then when the sun was out, it was hot. We had one day w/out any rain, and the "real feel" temp was 102 - so definitely warm for us Northerners. Have a blast!!!