Monday, August 18, 2014

A shortage of meds and a concert

Anna's been taking a low dose of bactrim to prevent bladder/kidney infections for about a year now.  She had been bactrim-free for about three years but after that nasty bladder infection last July, her urologist prescribed it again.  I can't say that I was thrilled with that but it's extremely difficult to have a conversation with her doctor because he points out the obvious - preserving her kidneys - and so she has remained on bactrim.  He had originally discussed reducing the dosage and taking her off it after a few months but because we are still working on other things, she has remained on bactrim.

About a month ago, our local pharmacy didn't have enough supply to refill her prescription so we had to go to the pharmacy in the next town over.  And then they ran out.  Apparently, there's a shortage of bactrim.  Who would have thought that possible?  I don't know why I'm surprised given how we've experienced cath kit issues.  Although, I think that had more to do with the incompetent supplier.  So, because of the shortage, Anna's prescription was changed to a daily low dose of amoxicillin instead.  I sometimes feel like it's a lose/lose situation.  We don't want to risk another infection but who wants their kid on daily antibiotics?

Last Friday morning, Anna had her bi-annual urology appointment at Big City Hospital.  Rich and I drove in with her so that we could both attend and then I could head off to work.  The appointment consisted of ultrasound scans of her kidneys and bladder and then a follow up with her urologist.  The good news is that her kidneys look fine and he did agree to reduce the amoxicillin in-take to every other day.  The could-be-worse news is that he wants a VCUG performed, seeing as the last one was three years ago.

Rich drove Anna home after the appointment, worked for a few hours and then drove back into the city for our once a year date night.  The Goo Goo Dolls, along with Daughtry, were playing at the outdoor pavillion, which has changed names numerous times, over in the Seaport area.  Now that I think I know where my office is moving to, we checked that out too.  (Not looking foward to the new commute, unless it's shorter than my current commute, but I have a feeling it won't be.)  We grabbed dinner at Jerry Remy's restaurant because it had the shortest wait time - 45 minutes - and then headed to the show.  We missed most of the opener - not much we could do about that. Daughtry was good and of course, the Goo Goo Dolls were the best.  My kids know who they are because they're my most favorite band ever.  The first time I saw them live was December 31, 1998. On a whim, I flew out to Arizona for a New Year's Eve show and the love has never stopped.

I was so tired that I was in bed, asleep by 8:30 Saturday night.  Yesterday was Falmouth Road Race Day (Rich ran) and I finally finished the top of Allie's Elsa dress.  I thought I had the lace trim that I wanted to finish the bottom but I don't so that project's on hold until I can get to the store.  I hope to have some Cape pictures posted sometime this week and maybe some sewing projects, if I can wrap up something (anything!) without needing to go to the store, which I never have time to do!


Teej said...

That's scary about Anna's medication not being available. I was not aware of the widespread problem of drug shortages until I saw an article about it in Reader's Digest.

Just the Tip said...

Morgan takes it and they were out too. They ended up getting a different brand name in but she wont' take it because it's thick and gross. And i've worked for CVS for 12 years in the pharmacy so I pulled a lot of strings.
So we have gone back to nitrofurantoin capsules and I open them into a yogurt smoothie. I was annoyed because her kidney's are bad but more annoyed because she and Peyton both have MRSA alot and bactrim is almost the only drug that treats it, so it's scary!

Anonymous said...

I had lots of UTI issues years ago, and was prescribed daily bactrim as well. I also saw a naturopath, who recommended d-mannose instead. my understanding is that it is a form of sugar that prevents the bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall. I take it (as needed now) as a powder dissolved in water, and it tastes mildly sweet. As far as I am aware, there are no side effects. I know my situation is very different, but perhaps an idea to ask your health care provider about?