Sunday, October 5, 2008

All in a day

I can still remember when Saturdays (outside of tax season, of course) meant sleeping until noon, reading, watching tv, going for a run, going to the gym, "fun" shopping, going out to dinner, watching a movie... Not anymore!

So here was our typical Saturday this past weekend: The girls didn't wake us up until 8:00, which is a world record in my book. We heard someone around 6:30 and I thought for sure that they would all be awake and chatting by 7:00. After breakfast and some playtime, we packed the girls up in the van and went to the bank before stopping at the local farm stand to purchase pumpkins and hay for the girls 18 Month/Fall Photo Shoot.

Rich set up the props for the photo shoot in a sunny area of the yard. Of course, when I looked out there later, it was no longer sunny so I had to run out to move everything to another sunny area while Rich was feeding the girls. By the time the girls finished with their afternoon snack and we changed them (with Emily having a meltdown) into their Photo Shoot Outfits, the shade had moved once again.

I plan to post the pictures from their photo session over the next few days but here's a preview picture of Emily. (Tell me that this isn't the cutest picture you've seen today!) For once, the girls were more interested in their toys rather than in items they aren't supposed to play with. We had to keep shuffling them back over to the pumpkins. Now you know what would have happened if I had put the pumpkins out there and I didn't want the girls to play with them.

After a little bit of outdoor playtime, we packed the girls up in the van again for a trip to Babies R Us. If I mention "packing the girls up in the van" a lot, it's because this process seems to take FOREVER. As I was pushing Allie and Anna in the double stroller through the store, I ran into a mom pushing triplets in a triple stroller. She didn't seem to want to talk and I can completely understand the annoyance of strangers asking questions so I quickly told her that we had triplets too. "My husband is around the corner with the other one!" She looked down the aisle, didn't see Rich or the "other one" and took off. So much for making friends.

Even with all the craziness, it still amazes me and Rich when the girls do something funny or entertaining. For example, Allie deciding to place food on her head during dinner.

There's a lima bean...

And now she's putting some cheese pieces up there.

And then Anna and Allie decided to hold hands and laugh hysterically. It was such a cute sisterly thing to do.

Where was Em during the hand holding? Having another meltdown.

Two steps forward, one step back.

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