Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a racket!!

We finally received our crib replacement vouchers. One arrived on Wednesday. One arrived on Thursday. One arrived on Friday. I guess it was too difficult to put them in the same envelope.

$241.99 off any crib. Valid only at Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us stores. Voucher is non-transferable and valid identification must be presented to redeem. Voucher must be surrendered at time of purchase. No cash back if retail price of crib purchased is below voucher value.

So we naively head off to Babies R Us this afternoon expecting to find replacement cribs. At least 50% of the display cribs on the floor are manufactured by Jardine. There is no way in HELL that I am replacing my recalled cribs with cribs produced by the same manufacturer. We quickly agree that we now want the cribs with the stationary sides. They feel more secure. And we need the cribs that convert to toddler beds. When the girls are ready, I just want to be able to pop the sides off and have beds.

We find several cribs that seem to meet some of our criteria but I can't seem to swallow the price difference. Either way. To buy a crib for much less means that I lose money. And I'm not in the mood to pay out a few hundred dollars more. And the girls are getting fussy.

We end up leaving without a crib solution. After seeing more options online, we've decided to print out what we would like and go back to Babies R Us to have THEM order the cribs. We are dealing with vouchers here and not money.

And you know I can't end this post without telling you about a classic triplet reaction. It was from a pregnant woman shopping with her mother. I witnessed her mouthing, "OH MY GOD. THERE'S THREE OF THEM." She even held up three fingers in case her mom couldn't figure it out.

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Kris said...

Speaking of shopping ... Like any of the outlet shopping it is hit or miss, but I have been able to get some great deals here. Carter playsets for 5.00 ~ And mommy clothes too!! Just be sure to bring along some signs ....